Renegade Star Origins Box Set: Books 1-4

This set contains all four books in the Renegade Star Origins series, with over 1000 pages of pulse pounding scifi action and intrigue.

Nameless – Abigail and Clementine were just a couple of orphans looking for a home.

But when the two girls witness something terrible, they have no choice but to leave their orphanage and go into hiding. The only person willing to take them in is a man named Mulberry, but his home isn’t the safest place for two innocent children.

Abigail and Clementine quickly discover that their new caretaker is the head of a guild of assassins, and the two are thrown into a whole new world of danger. To survive, they’ll need to adapt, focus, and learn how to survive in a world of killers.

The Constable – My name is Alphonse Malloy, and I see everything.

From a simple glance, I know your hobbies, what you ate for breakfast, how well you slept, and whether or not your wife is secretly seeing the high school biology teacher when you’re not around.

I can’t explain how or why I get these feelings, only that I know they’re true. All the little secrets you’re too afraid to tell. Sometimes, that means helping people. Other times, it means staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. I wish I could tell you I was using this ability for good.

I wish I could tell you a lot of things.

The Constable Returns – Alphonse Malloy may just be the smartest man alive.

A year has passed since Alphonse joined the Constables, but his work is only just beginning. In order to graduate and achieve full Constable status, Alphonse will need to complete one final mission.

When new information about an old enemy arises, Al and his mentor Dorian must head deep into the Deadlands in search of answers. But in a galaxy of secrets, the truth is often more elusive than it seems.

As the search continues, Alphonse’s talents will be pushed to their absolute limit, and he’ll need everything he’s learned to make it out of this one alive.

Warrior Queen – On a lost world, far removed from Earth, a group of humans struggle to survive.

Two thousand years after their ancestors lost control of a hidden genetics research facility, the descendants of mankind have been reduced to a tribe of two hundred survivors. They fight, kill, and die in an endless cycle, all in the hope that things will get better.

Lucia is one of these colonists and the daughter of the tribe’s leader, the Director. Together with several other candidates, she must soon undergo a trial to decide her father’s replacement. The winner will shape the future of the entire colony.

But the trial is dangerous, meant to test each candidate’s wits and strengths to see who is truly worthy. To claim victory, Lucia will need to venture out into the tunnels near the city to search for lost artifacts known as Cores–small but powerful devices capable of harnessing endless energy.

But there are monsters here, waiting in the dark, and they are always hungry. Beware the Boneclaw, Lucia’s father use to tell her, for it lives only to kill and to feed.

Lucia must do whatever it takes, learn as much as she can, and fight with every ounce of strength if she hopes to make it through the day.

Forget winning the trial. The real challenge is staying alive.

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