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Variant Publications is your gateway to thrilling science fiction adventures. Our books are crafted by talented authors with a knack for writing gripping narratives that grab onto you and don’t let go.

With over 120 books in our catalogue there’s something here for you whether you’re in the mood for an epic space opera, a gritty military scifi, or a dystopian saga.


Many of our titles have been best-selling hits. Our dedication to character development, world-building, and in-depth storytelling is something we take pride in with every book we publish.


Our readers are important to us. We value your opinions, enjoy connecting with you, and make sure to keep you updated on all our projects. Our community is open to everyone and there’s no cover charge.

Whether you want updates by email or want to get in on the conversation on the free Facebook Group or Discord server, we want you to feel welcome because we appreciate you.

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